Future class or classes you would like to take.

Please provide your name, and email address if you wish to be contacted to sign up for future classes when they become available. 

Please list the classes by title or instructor name, if you know it. 

Or you can list the type of class you are interested in, such as Watercolor Painting, Collage, Calligraphy, Urban Sketching, etc. 


  • Marlene Fox on

    Interested in adult version of Ann Durleys clock class. I’m the person from Aurora that has already paid for a class but Ann Durley called to say that it was a childrens version and so I took a credit. I see that there were classes this weekend and somehow I did not get notified. Ann has tried to contact me before and we never have connected. Please call me about this situation during the morning 8:30 to 10 am hour to resolve this issue. 503 678-1384.

  • Tierney Ferguson on

    I am interested in pottery classes, loved it as a child and would love to do it again.

  • Jaclynn Ottley on

    I’m interested in a watercolor in person class

  • Jaclynn Ottley on

    Watercolor in person class

  • Beverly Whitney on

    I am interested in taking a clock class with Ann Durley.

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