Future class or classes you would like to take.

Please provide your name, and email address if you wish to be contacted to sign up for future classes when they become available. 

Please list the classes by title or instructor name, if you know it. 

Or you can list the type of class you are interested in, such as Watercolor Painting, Collage, Calligraphy, Urban Sketching, etc. 


  • Nancy Mankin on

    Interested in watercolor class. Could be a private class but hope it to be in person. Is that possible?

  • Patricia Anderson on

    Ann Durley giving a class on how to put together bits & pieces to make assemblage art! In person! That would float my boat.

  • Marilyn Silveroli on

    I am interested in any watercolor, drawing, or collage classes (including paper and fiber) whether online or in person. I am interested in any class taught by Deanna White. She is a fantastic teacher and her classes inspire me!

  • Charlotte Sachtjen on

    I am interested in acrylic and pastel classes in the months of August, September, October, 2020.
    Thank you for sharing information regarding upcoming classes.
    Charlotte Sachtjen

  • Kathryn Heisler on

    I love Anji’s Classes…. Would love to sign up for them and any Watercolor Classes…..

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