Dwight Evalt

Contemporary Multi Media

I work in a variety of modes and media, from additive processes such as clay and found materials to subtractive processes like wood and stone carving. My focus is on the confluence of randomness and order. It is about the way these two elements work with or against each other in nature, culture and in our imaginations that excites my creativity.

I am a contemporary artist and have shown my work in Portland and McMinnville, Oregon, New York and Venice, Italy. I received my education in Oregon, Chicago, Venice and New York. I received a Masters degree in Studio Art from NYU in 2000. I have taught art at Yamhill-Carlton for the past fifteen years but recently decided to leave teaching to focus exclusively on art. My art can be seen at my studio or Currents Gallery in McMinnville.


Examples of Dwight Evalt's Artwork

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"In Winter"

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"Bride of the Wind"

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"Burrow Owl"