Robin Becic

Watercolor, Batik and Monotype

As a water media artist, I am enthralled with the emotional effects of color. I work in three completely different mediums, watercolor, batik and monotype. Some art mediums begin with a little chaos, others, like printmaking, require a very methodical approach. Working in these three mediums, I enjoy the push and pull of color and value in the foreground and background. I let go of pictorial logic and local color. In this way, I’ve found freedom in developing my subjects.

I began to seriously study watercolor after September 11, 2001. Currently I work in water media which includes watercolor, acrylics, and inks, and I continuously experiment with other materials. I paint in Batik, an Indonesian technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to whole cloth, using watercolor on rice paper. I apply wax to areas to preserve the white of the paper and the lighter colors. I gradually apply watercolor after each layer of wax to develop my painting. The process requires careful organization, plotting out each layer of color, and building on the composition.

I am an award-winning artist and am currently the Gallery Director at Oregon Society of Artists, in Portland.


Examples of Robin Becic's Artwork

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"Three Part Harmony", Watercolor on Yupo

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"Can Crows Talk?", Monotype

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"Golden Hour", Watercolor & Batik

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"Villa, Vis Croatia", Watercolor & Batik

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"Taking Turns", Watercolor & Batik