Sandi Reinke

Collage & Mixed Media

I find potential & inspiration in both the ordinary & the extraordinary, whether beachcombing, wandering in the woods or walking in downtown Portland. The discarded of either world often holds an extra attraction for me. It is the flotsam & jetsam of this life on earth that demands my focused exploration.

I was born in Los Angeles to parents who were curious & saw inherent possibilities in almost everything. They were fascinated with both the natural world, and man-made world of “throw-aways”. I am a self-taught artist. My husband (Art, of course), and I started “Loose Ends”, a business that allowed us to indulge our mutual passions; traveling to exotic locations to find unique items for the wholesale art & design trade. Our personal involvement in these materials and my innovative techniques led to my frequent guest appearances on a variety of HGTV, Discovery & other DIY “how-to” shows. I am now focused on working more on my personal artwork and teaching my techniques to other artists. Currently, I focus on organic textiles. I combine “found” materials with handmade papers and natural fibers in my mixed media, collage, assemblage and 3D art. I frequently work in themes that speak to me such as, the “Old Orient”, “Coastal” and “Nature”.
"Cycle of Abundance" Wall Art
"Flotsam & Jetsam"
Wall Art
"Oysters by CandleLight", Candle Holder
"Zen Abundance" Wall Art
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