Alan Higinbotham

All of my work is wheel-thrown except the hand-cut tiles for the sinks I make. I use throwing techniques to exaggerate form, yielding pottery that is both useful and visually dynamic. Key influences on my work include my high school ceramics instructor, Dennis Staats in Oregon, an intensive apprenticeship in the ancient pottery village of Bizen, Japan in 1984-85, with Shuzo Ogawa, and being a teacher myself. I use a porcelain clay body and high fire to 2350 degrees F (Cone 10 to 11) in a gas kiln. A reduction (oxygen starved) firing is used to produce the vibrant copper reds and contrasting, rich, earthy tones. The celadon green pieces feature overlaid and incised details. This pottery is lead-free, dishwasher, microwave, and oven-safe.
Tea Pot
Covered Dish
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