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Mon & Wed, October 7 & 9,
10am – 3pm
2-day workshop: $125*
Use Coupon Code 191007EarlyBird
*$105 if you sign up by September 7

Discover the beauty and technical effectiveness of painting in acrylics. The workshop will cover all aspects of painting with this extremely versatile and tactile medium. We will practice brushwork, paint mixing and application. In this fun, encouraging atmosphere, everyone from beginners to more advanced painters, will benefit from learning how to create acrylic paintings with emphasis on your own artistic interpretation. If you have supplies, please bring them. Select materials to sample, plus assorted paper and canvas will be available.

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191011 Class,
Thursday, October 10,
1—4 pm
3- Hour class: $45
+$10 materials fee to instructor
Calligraphy takes years of practice to look great. With Faux calligraphy, you can get the look of a practiced hand with a few tips and attention to detail. Special pens and ink are not required, so you can do your calligraphy anywhere. You will still want to practice, but not for years, or even months. We will letter cards, gift tags, envelopes and you will love the possibilities.
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191018 Class,
Friday, October 18
10am – 4pm
1- day workshop: $138
Use Coupon Code 191018EarlyBird
*$120 if you sign up by September 18
Learn how to mix rich browns, earthy greens, and muted oranges with a limited palette of three watercolors. Learn to mix a creamy tint base color on this fall squash and then paint the beautiful pattern with glazing techniques. The Squash drawing will be sent to you to transfer onto your 140# Arches cold-pressed watercolor paper (8.5” x 11”) BEFORE coming to the workshop. Please keep the drawing hinged to the painting. Email: with questions. Bring your lunch. All levels of painting experience welcome! Supply list sent upon registration.
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Saturday & Sunday, October 19, 20,
9am – 4pm
2-Day Workshop: $190*
+Material fee to instructor: $50
Use Coupon Code 191019EarlyBird
*$170 if you sign up by September 19

Expand your artist's tool box! The dremel is a magical tool that lets you drill, cut, carve, etch, shape, polish, and grind materials such as glass, plastic, wood, metal, tile, and more. In this two-day class you’ll work with hard and soft materials using dozens of bits contained in the tool box purchased from the instructor. You'll make a small book filled with all the samples you created in various materials. This class will help you to create in a whole new way! Great for book artists, printmakers, jewelers, sculptors, or anyone wanting to work with materials beyond paper and fabric. All skill levels are welcome. Sign up early, class size is limited.

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191026 Class,
Sat & Sun, October 26 & 27,
2- Day workshop: $185 *
+ $20 material fee to instructor
Use Coupon Code 191026EarlyBird
* $160 if you sign up by September 26
Learn the basics of painting in this wonderful medium. We will study many tools and techniques to use in Oil & Cold Wax, then find your personal voice through painting in the medium. Expect to work on multiple paintings and finish several in class. Supply list upon registration.
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191101 Class,
Friday, November 1, 1—4 pm
3- Hour class: $45
+$10 materials fee to instructor
Illumination is the art of adding decoration and gold leaf to text. Faux Illumination doesn’t use real gold leaf, but uses the great new gold pens available in art supply stores. We will look at and practice the decoration of the initial letters of text, then use pens to decorate and add the faux gold. You will also be given tips on how to print out text on your computer to look like old, hand lettered manuscripts.
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191102 Class,
Sat & Sun, Nov 2 & 3, 10am-3pm
2-Day Workshop: $185*
+ $20 material fee to instructor
Use Coupon Code 191102EarlyBird
* $160 if you sign up by October 3
Experienced Oil & Cold Wax painters, will learn many new methods and skills from reduction to veil to sgrafitto and so much more. Experiment with papers, stencils, stamps and lots of textures. Perfect your skills of archaeology, mark making and composition. Supply list upon registration.
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191109 Class,
Sat., November 9, 9am –4pm
1-Day Workshop: $138
Use Coupon Code 191109EarlyBird
$120 if you sign up by October 10
Join us to celebrate the beautiful Poinsettia with a painting party! Learn to create brilliant, dark red to dark green shadows with watercolor under-painting techniques, using strong value contrast for the illusion of glowing sunlight. Then add an accent of “gold-leaf” behind the flower center. By the end of the day, you’ll have a “work-in-progress” with all the information needed to complete your painting. All levels of experience welcome!
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191111 Class,
Monday & Wednesday, Nov 11 & 13,
2-Day workshop: $190*
Use Coupon Code 191111EarlyBird
*$170 if you sign up by October 11

In this workshop we’ll use texture to create expressive paintings in water media. A textural substrate may be the first place the artist enhances and supports their concept. Texture creates a sense of depth and makes a painting more dynamic. Texture can be applied under the painting, over the paint or even collaged or applied later. DAY 1: You will make a value study and then design and sketch a subject over a textured background after watching these demonstrations: 1. Making highly textured watercolor paper using gesso; 2. Pouring paint over textured paper for a background start; 3. Making a quick drawing, painting over the texture with watercolor. DAY 2: There will be a design lesson and slide talk. You will then experiment with different types of texture and design and work on paintings with instructor’s guidance. Class will end with an art share to celebrate our successes and consider what we might improve.

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Fri., Nov 15, 6-9:30pm &
Sat., Nov 16, 10am—5pm
1-Evening session & 1 Full day session: $145*
Use Coupon Code 191115EarlyBird
*$125 if you sign up by October 15, 2019
This class combines learning to use the features of your camera with the technical requirements of photography to become a better photographer. The class includes sections on Camera Math, using your light meter more effectively, lens selection, adding light (including flash), close-up, people photography, and a short section on Photoshop basics. The course is designed for all photographers using adjustable cameras (as opposed to simple point and shoot cameras). Bring the camera’s manual to class.
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Sat & Sun, January 18 & 19, 2020,
10am – 5pm
2-Day Workshop: $290*
Use Coupon Code 200118EarlyBird
*$265 if you sign up by December 18, 2019

Learn to paint more loosely and simplify your color mixing during this three-day oil painting workshop with Eugene artist Sarah Sedwick. Working from a live model, we’ll use the famous Zorn palette - three colors plus white - to create beautiful, naturalistic skin tones. There are many benefits to using a limited palette, and the technique can be applied to any kind of painting you want to do - landscape, still life, even abstract! The alla prima painting style, in which a work is begun and finished in one or two sittings, while the paint is still wet, is lots of fun and perfect for exploring the portrait in oils. A combination of demonstrations, short exercises, and longer-duration paintings will familiarize you with Sarah’s approach to the portrait. Instruction will be in oils, but acrylics are also welcome. Beginning to advanced artists, ages 15+.

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Sat & Sun, January 25, 26 ,
2- Day workshop: $185 *
+ $20 material fee to instructor
Use Coupon Code 200125EarlyBird
* $160 if you sign up by December 25
Explore landscape in semi abstract to abstract using Acrylic and/or Oil and Cold Wax. First learn the basic principles of painting landscape. Then learn how to interpret these rules in a loose, somewhat abstracted form. Materials list at sign up. Instructor will bring extra supplies to share with the class.
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