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Postponed to future date

Saturday & Sunday, March 21, 22,
10 am – 2:30 pm
2-day workshop: $150*
Use Coupon Code 200321EarlyBird
* $120 if you sign up by February 21 
The properties of watercolor will be discussed in this class. Learn about the quality of transparency, flowing washes and glazing, and how to leave white paper for your whites to make a statement! Have fun exploring the possibilities. Beginners and intermediate artists welcome. No materal fee. Supply list at registration.
Sold out

Postponed to future date

191007 Class,
Mon & Wed, March 23 & 25,
10am – 3pm
2-day workshop: $125  
Discover the beauty and technical effectiveness of painting in acrylics. The workshop will cover all aspects of painting with this extremely versatile and tactile medium. We will practice brushwork, paint mixing and application. In this fun, encouraging atmosphere, everyone from beginners to more advanced painters will benefit from learning how to create acrylic paintings, with emphasis on your own artistic interpretation. If you have supplies, please bring them. Select materials to sample, plus assorted paper and canvas will be available
Sold out

Postponed to future date

191019 Class,
Friday & Saturday, March 27 & 28,
9am – 4pm
2-Day Workshop: $190*
+ $50 Materials fee to instructor
Use Coupon Code 200327EarlyBird
* $170 if you sign up by February 27
Expand your artist's tool box! The dremel is a magical tool that lets you drill, cut, carve, etch, shape, polish, and grind materials such as glass, plastic, wood, metal, tile, and more. In this two-day class you’ll work with hard and soft materials using dozens of bits contained in the tool box purchased from the instructor. You'll make a small book filled with all the samples you created in various materials. This class will help you to create in a whole new way! Great for book artists, printmakers, jewelers, sculptors, or anyone wanting to work with materials beyond paper and fabric. All skill levels are welcome. Supply list upon registration, Sign up early, class size is limited.
Sold out

Postponed to future date

Saturday, April 4, 11 am – 3 pm
4- Hour workshop: $55
+ $20 materials fee to instructor
Learn to create your own collaging papers with Gelli prints, Citrasolve, inks, acrylic paint, stamps, stencils and “tricks” on different types of papers. Students need to bring an 8” x 10” Gelli plate and a brayer. All other supplies included.
Sold out

Postponed to future date

Saturday, April 11, 11 am – 3 pm
4- Hour workshop: $55
+ $20 materials fee to instructor
Come play with us and create, along with an under-painting, a “Three Pear” collage. You may use your own simple design if you prefer. We will discuss the principles of design, values, color schemes and textures. You can use the papers you created as well as Deanna’s designer papers, book font, Joss paper, stamping, and magazines. All supplies provided including papers, stamps, adhesive, paint, brushes and mat board. You can bring a 10” x 10” cradled birch substrate and small cutting scissors if desired. Beginners and intermediate students welcome.
Sold out

Saturday & Sunday, April 18, 19, 10 am—4 pm
2-Day Workshop: $140* + $20 material fee
Use Coupon Code 200418EarlyBird
* $112 if you sign up by March 18

The objective of this two-day class is to
create an interesting, dragonfly design
on a gourd using a dremel or carver tool.
Starting with a cleaned gourd, supplied by the instructor, you will cut and carve your pattern. You will learn techniques to cut a shape, filigree a pattern and stipple a background to enhance your lovely dragonflies. Students will have the option of using a burner in the appropriate manner. The goal will be to go home with a finished gourd. You will receive a supply list upon registration, please study it carefully.

Sold out

Saturday & Sunday, May 2,3, 10 am—3 pm
2-Day workshop: $185*
Use Coupon Code 200502EarlyBird
* $160 if you sign up by April 2
Award-winning artist Jane Aushkunas will teach this exciting class. Jane studied art at Massachusetts College of Art, Harvard, and Parsons School of Design. She developed her oil pastel techniques through experimentation in her studio. In this 2-day workshop, students will play with the luscious texture and
versatility of oil pastel. You will experiment with grounds and a variety of surfaces to change the way oil pastels behave, and use tools for different effects. Learn how oil pastel works with media such as GOLDEN acrylic paint, watercolor or colored pencil. In addition to realistic drawing, students will create imagery that evolves intuitively rather than intentionally. This class, suitable for beginners as well as more experienced artists, is all about
experimenting and having fun. Bring some of your own ideas for subject matter, other ideas will also be offered. Supply list upon registration. Instructor will have some oil pastel sets suitable for beginners if you want to try the medium before investing in a set.
Sold out

Fri, Sat, Sun, May 15, 16,17, 9:30am—3pm
3-Day workshop: $250* + $20 materials fee.
Use Coupon Code 200515EarlyBird
* $225 if you sign up by April 15
Learn to create unique textured patterns
using different elements to produce dynamic
results with watercolor. This workshop will
also emphasize composition and design
principles. Day one: Prepare one or two starts using a unique texturing process. Day two: Lay down the foundation on painting starts using plant materials, herbs, legumes, salt, stones and other elements. Observe how watercolor pigments react, leaving beautiful patterns on your paper. Day three: Work toward finishing one or two of your pieces.
Sold out

Saturday & Sunday, May 30 & 31, 10 am–4 pm
2- Day class: $280*
Use Coupon Code 200530EarlyBird
* $255 if you sign up by April 30
Learn essential tools and techniques for telling stories using sketches while drawing on location. Start by making strokes and textures with ink pens, then use traditional watercolor or watercolor pencils combined with a water brush to give drawings volume, emotion, and life. The second half of the workshop will focus on composition. Learn creative positioning of elements on a page, weaving them into a cohesive and engaging whole, and what to
include or leave out. On day two we will focus on urban sketching. Learn to show depth in a street scene and how to capture the beauty of historic buildings in simple detail. A final sketch will bring everything you learned together.
Sold out