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Messages from Sepha Nisbet
the Back Door Studio Coordinator

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For More Classes by Instructor Corrine Loomis Dietz, See Class 180929
"Color Study in the Studio:
The Palette of Matisse"  

For More Classes by Instructor Lynn Wintermute,
See Class 1831
"Loosen-up Abstract"  

Sat/Sun, Aug 11/12,10am-3pm
Two day Workshop: $150*
Supply list available or pay $20
for studio kit from instructor
*Early Bird Discount: $125
Use Coupon Code 1829EarlyBird
if you sign up by July 11, 2018
Sepha is wandering through Oregon and will be in the studio for two days of fun loose watercolors. Join her for a wet and wild time playing in the paint and learning new ways to use your brushes and colors. Beginning
and experienced painters welcome. Come and play while she is in town!
Sold out

Sat & Sun, Aug 25 & 26, 10am - 3pm
Two day Workshop: $160*
+$10 materials fee to instructor
*Early Bird Discount: $130
Use Coupon Code  
if you sign up by July 25, 2018

Interested in becoming more abstracted in your paintings, or just love abstract but don't know where to start? This class will guide you! In this two-day workshop we will discuss the principles of abstraction and composition and interpret what we have studied in several paintings. Beginners and more seasoned artists will loosen up and work abstractly. But most important, we will have fun and enjoy working collaboratively in the studio. Work in the medium you are most comfortable with or go with Lynne’s supply list!

Sold out

New Dates!

  Sat, Sept 8th & Sun, Sept 9th,
10am – 4pm
Two 6-hour classes: $150
+ $20 supply fee to instructor 
*Early Bird Discount: $125
Use Coupon Code 180908EarlyBird
if you sign up by Aug. 8, 2018
In this two-day class, students will discover how to make magic happen when they transfer the actual colors from leaves onto fabric and paper. We will collect leaves and flowers and make magic happen! We will also have time to experiment with some natural dyes. Class will be held outside Lafayette. Supply fee to instructor $20.00; a supply list will be available upon registration.
Sold out

Sat/Sun, Sept 15 /16, 9 am-4 pm
Two day Workshop: $275*
+ $30 materials fee to instructor 
*Early Bird Discount: $250
Use Coupon Code 180915EarlyBird
if you sign up by Aug. 10, 2018
Embrace getting messy while successfully integrating your love of color, mark-making, and spontaneity with the challenge of creating whimsically elegant contemporary hand painted and silk screened fabrics. Practicing Kerr’s deconstruction techniques, makes this one workshop where you are guaranteed to go home with a heap of great stuff for your stash! With a large room to play in, you can work at almost any size you wish. Sign up now, this class will fill up fast!
Sold out

Sat., Sept 22, 11 am-3 pm
Four Hour Class: $40
+ $15 materials fee to instructor  

Learn how to do a wild and colorful self-portrait collage in the abstract style of Picasso. We will talk about color, abstraction and have fun turning your own face into abstract art! All supplies included. Beginners and Intermediate students welcome. Bring a large magnifying mirror on a self-standing base if you have one.

Sold out

Wed., September 26, 10am-4pm
One day Class: $90
+ $25 materials fee to instructor
Learn the fundamentals of brush lettering and how to frame and ornament your letters! Using Nicole’s exemplars, students will explore the alphabet and gain an understanding of stroke and pressure to create beautiful brushed letters and designs. Dry and wet techniques will be explored using flexible ink pens & markers.
Sold out

Saturday, September. 29,
10:30 am – 3:30 pm
One day Workshop: $95

We will investigate the palette of Henri Matisse using a group of Modern pigments to replace Historical hues. Matisse was known for using complementary pairs in this period. We will explore color mixing through a variety of exercises aimed at developing a color journal. These will include building a color wheel, following Henri's brush strokes of "Madame Matisse" and reproducing an abstract painting using your creative license. These color notes will guide you in future work and are part of the Golden Teaching Triad series “The Color Journal”. All supplies are included.

Sold out

Sunday, October 7, 10am - 4pm
One day class: $85
+ $20 materials fee to instructor
Learn the elements and principles of composition and design in painting, drawing and all art forms. These principles apply to many types of art from collage to landscape to abstract. Hands-on work in your personal medium of choice, or explore a new medium or style to paint in. We will also explore color principals including opaque and transparent hues and complimentary colors, and study of the color wheel. No experience necessary.
Sold out

Sat. & Sun., Oct. 13-14, 10am - 4pm
Two day workshop: $180
+ $40 materials fee to instructor
*Early Bird Discount: $160
Use Coupon Code 181013EarlyBird

  if you sign up by Sept 13

This workshop will focus on designing strong stand-alone letter illuminations, patterns and wild forms that will be reverse-transferred onto easy-to-carve soft blocks for cutting and printing. Multiple printing and inking methods will be explored creating printed editions and smaller pieces made for pattern printing. The workshop will conclude with a print exchange party!
Sold out

Friday, October 19, noon - 4pm
4 hour class: $90  
All materials included
Play with a Gelli monoprint plate that has an appealing gelatin texture. Create monoprints with luscious surfaces with myriads of unexpected colors, patterns and textures. You’ll make a pile of monoprints that can be enjoyed simply for themselves, or used to make a new piece altogether. Use your prints for collage, art journaling, or greeting cards. You can also alter the monoprint with watercolor, pastels, pencil, or added texture. We will use Golden Artist Colors in OPEN and High Flow acrylics, plus commercial or hand made stencils. You may bring your own stencils or found objects.
Sold out

Sat. & Sun., Oct. 20 & 21, 9am - 4pm 
2 Day Workshop $185*
+ $50 materials fee to instructor.
*Early Bird Discount: $160
Use Coupon Code 181020EarlyBird
if you sign up by Sept. 20
In this transforming 2 day workshop, learn how to use the magic, amazing Dremel tool. Learn how to drill, cut, carve, etch, shape, polish and grind craft materials such as glass, plastic, metals, clay, wood, tile and more. You will be able to try various materials and use numerous bits for different purposes and effects. You will be making pages for your sample book for later reference. Great for book artists, printmakers, jewelers, sculptors and hobbyists. The materials fee includes a wood case containing 228 rotary bits for the dremel tool. It includes all the precut materials for class, glass, mirror, tile, wood, metals, polymer, and plexiglass. plus componenents for making a book.  
Sold out

Monday, Oct. 22, 9am - 4pm
1 Day Workshop $95
+ $30 materials fee to instructor.
Create a stunning work of art using the Amazing Dremel to etch on glass. While glass is elegant and mysterious, working on glass is easy as drawing or tracing on paper. In this fun class, you will be introduced to the rotary Dremel tool. You will practice with different bits, and then move on to an 8"x10" piece of thick, heavy-weight glass. Your design can be abstract or realistic. Finished pieces can be framed or free-standing. The skills you learn can be applied to dishes, vases, glazed ceramics, wine bottles, and more. This is a good project class to complement "The Amazing Dremel" class which covers a wider range of materials and techniques. No experience necessary. The materials fee covers practice glass and 1 piece of 8"x 10" x 1/4" glass and a selection of bits that are yours to keep, plus some unusual bits, misc tools and coloring media.
Sold out

Sat., November 10, 9am-5pm
One day class: $65.00
+ $20 material fee (includes gourd, carving burr and more!)
Learn to carve a gourd with your Dremel carving tool! In this one day class, you will carve out a lovely fall leaf pattern on the edge of a gourd bowl. If you are new to gourds, this is the perfect class to get a feel for carving, wood burning and finishes.
Leave with an art piece you’ll be proud of! You will need to bring your dremel tool or carver, carving burrs, a good dust mask, and a simple one-temperature or temperature-controlled burner.
Sold out