Ann Durley

Mixed Media Clocks
I have always been a collector of bits and pieces. After retiring from a 2nd career as an antique dealer, I have been able to combine my passions into mixed media clocks. By using odds, ends, and found objects in unexpected ways, I create clocks which are recycled, functional, and unique.
I am a Missouri native, and a retired engineering technician. For the last six years I have been producing mixed-media clocks from items I find and collect from antique stores, flea markets and estate sales. This is one way to reuse items people throw from junk drawers, and give them another life. Each clock contains a quartz movement that makes it functional. But that's about the extent of the common thread. I start out with one piece I find unique, like a small statue or domino, and a board, frame or lid for a canvas. I then build outward intuitively, scouring my endless inventory for parts that fit. I could never build the same clock twice. I wouldn't even try.
Clock ADJ77 - Mixed Media
Clock ADO9 - Mixed Media
Clock ADL2 - Mixed Media
"Bridge" Table
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