Carolyn Mann

Wearable Art
I am inspired by the Japanese aesthetic and Japanese fabrics; simple lines but rich color, intricate patterns and layering of textures and patterns.  I believe that everyone needs beauty and creativity in their lives.  I try to be the transmitter/interpreter/conductor of the beauty, color and design of the fabric for the wearer. I have been sewing for myself and family for 70 years. But in 2004, I attended a sewing/creativity retreat, “Design Outside the lines”, by Marcy Tilton and Diane Ericson, and was inspired to approach sewing differently from that point on.  My scarves are pieced from disassembled Japanese kimono….recycling without cultural appropriation. My jackets are one-of-a-kind, in two different styles, that fit most sizes. Many feature kimono fabric in panels, sometimes complemented with silk screening or stenciling. Others are pieced from Japanese cottons in a range of blues.

Jacket 1, Front

Jacket 1, Back

Jacket 2, Front

Jacket 2, Back

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