Catherine Hingson

Multi-Media Paintings
The act of painting for me is like a dance. Sometimes I lead from quiet glimpses into my own observations and inquisitiveness. And sometimes I follow, as I am moved by feelings and reactions to particular images, such as a lone monolithic rock in the ocean, the sight of colorful fishing buoys, or kites in the air that might make me feel free or tethered. I enjoy playing with the paint, not judging what I'm creating, just letting it be what it wants to be.
I am a professional artist who has called the Pacific Northwest home most of my life. My impressionistic landscapes are a reflection of the natural beauty around me, but also my images portray deeper symbolism with environmental issues and themes of inclusion making their way into my art. Most of the painting process is created before the paintbrush ever touches the canvas. I begin a painting with sketches and color theory trials, considering composition, value, and traditional techniques. However, in the end the paint tumbles out as I embrace the immediacy of the medium, the urgency of expression, feeling, and symbolism. I encourage the students in my workshops and community college courses to “play” with the paint as I facilitate their exploration of the medium.

"Local Color in Depoe Bay", Watercolor

"Drag Queen Puffin", Watercolor, 12"x12"

"Cannon Beach", Watercolor 12"x20"

"Blue Heron at Depoe Bay", Oil, 40"x30"

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