Claudia Herber

Gourds: Carved, Burned and Painted
Nothing is more thrilling than being driven by the creative force that inspires my art. It has been a journey learning the tools and techniques required to change a simple gourd into an expression of my vision. My inspirations change all the time and my intention is to reach the next plateau, always allowing the creative flow to take me where it will. For me, it is a joy to share techniques and encourage the love of gourds.
I grew up along the Southern California coast. Art studies were always in the background while raising a family and working in the drafting and medical sales careers. When I retired, I had time to pursue my dream of creating art... and gourds has been my very favorite medium of expression for the past 15 years. My inspiration comes from modernist potters, Art Nouveau, wood carvers and gourd masters. In the past three years, I have shown and competed in the annual Wertz Gourd Festival, winning ribbons each year in the 'Advanced' categories including bowls/baskets, color and pyrography.   As a member of the Washington State Gourd Society, I taught pyrography at the last two festivals. In 2016, I won the opportunity to provide art pieces for a famous Southern California gourd farm. The pieces were used in their email campaigns and catalogs. As a result, my reputation was established in the Gourd Art community.

Examples of Claudia Herber's Artwork

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Gourd - Fall Trees Bowl

Gourd - Twisted Handle Basket