Daria Martinez

Watercolor, Acrylic, Pastels
Color, and its use in evoking emotion, is the element of art that I am intrigued by and I most want to explore. I am drawn to figure art and portraiture with a focus on creating captivating eyes and the emotion they express. I mesmerize over an object dissecting it into hues, values and textures and reach for whatever works: watercolor, acrylic, pastels, ink or dye. I obtained a BS degree in Environmental Science, and Industrial Technology in 2002. In pursuit of my degree I had taken some engineering and drafting courses, which led me to a career designing roof trusses. Upon becoming a mother I transferred my residential building knowledge to real estate. I found that I could make any venture a creative one. As time allowed, I started taking fine art courses at PSU, and with two years of studio art education, I gravitated toward painting. Currently I am working in watercolor and pastel but I consider myself a multimedia artist, as I will also use acrylics and clay as inspiration demands.
The Invitation
The Singer
On My Windowsill
Little Girl Blue
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