Dawn Hemstreet

Metal Smithing

My jewelry tells the story of a precious moment in time. Each piece is a tiny sculptural representation of moments when I felt most connected to myself, the world & others. My love of color, gemstones and metal drew me to begin classes in metal smithing in 2010.  I love teaching and sharing the fun of shaping clay that turns into solid silver.

I am a trained nurse (RN/BSN) and spent much of my early adult years caring for cancer and hematology patients in Oregon, New York & Colorado.  My experience at the bedside has helped me realize that life is precious, and the human spirit is endless. The depth of this work shows in my designs and the symbology used in my sculptural jewelry pieces.

Five years ago, I finished the Level 1 certification for Art Clay World and started teaching the art of precious metal clay. In the spring of 2020, I completed Camp PMC and became certified.  Metal clay is made from powdered metal mixed with water and a substance called "methyl cellulose". Methyl cellulose is made from the cell walls of green plants. It's an organic ingredient used in food additives and is non-allergic, non-toxic and perfectly safe to work with.

Bubbles Pendant

Orbital Earrings

Moonstone Adjustable Ring

Dreams of an Acorn Pendant

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