Deanna White

Soft Pastels, Acrylic, Oil & Cold Wax & Collage

I take great delight in translating a landscape, still life, thought or personal dream into my own interpretation of that image using fantasy, vibrant color and simplifying shapes. Dwellings, landscapes and human connections are my favorite subjects. I work in soft pastels, collage, acrylic, and oil/cold wax abstractions.   I began my education in art and design at Cal Poly Humboldt. I later toured Europe, where I attended the Hohensalzburg Art Academy in Salzburg, Austria. My painting style draws on the drama and hyperbole of my theater arts training. My travels to the Tahitian Islands, Mexico and South America inspired my current Fauvist approach to color. Strong shapes and vibrant, unorthodox colors are a trademark of my paintings.   I have been married to my husband Glen for 43 years and have two sons. I have explored many diverse vocations during my life such as a woodshop instructor, dental assistant, antique dealer and an MA for a Vascular Surgeon. Concurrently for the last 23 years I have taught art classes in Watercolor, Encaustic and Pastel through Chemeketa College, Currents Gallery, KAA and my home studio.

Oil & Cold Wax Wall Art
Pastel Painting
Acrylic Painting
Collage Wall Art
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