Dee Boyles

Oil Paintings and Moku Hanga Relief Prints
Currents Gallery is honored to work with the Boyles Family to continue presenting to our patrons
the art of beloved local artist, Dee Boyles. (1945-2022)
The following is his artist statement from when we first welcomed him into our gallery:
"I'm mostly drawn to landscapes with their array of colors and changing light especially depicting it as it falls across the terrain. However, anything that strikes my fancy, whether arrangements of curios I have collected, animals or just whimsical figments of my imagination can appear in my work. In any of these artworks I wish to communicate my fascination and emotions to others. Growing up fishing and hunting in Roseburg, Oregon, I have always loved being connected to the natural world. When I was six I remember doing an oil painting of a duck flying over some cottontails and have not stopped making art ever since. From 1973 to the present art has been my profession. I have been an art director, graphic designer and illustrator. I have won many national and international awards for my work. Teaching art has brought me much satisfaction and joy. During the 1970’s to 1996 I taught art as an adjunct instructor for community colleges and universities in Portland, Oregon and Anchorage, Alaska. In addition, I taught graphic design and illustration full time at the University of Alaska for a year before moving to California in 1997. When living in Laguna Beach I discovered the California Impressionists and began studying plein air painting. From 1999 through 2015 I participated in many plein air painting competitions in California and Estes Park, Colorado."
"Impressions in the Sand"
"Cape Kiwanda Drama"
"Mountain Sentinel"
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