Gavin Wisser

Acrylic Paintings

My passion currently is devoted to capturing the luminous light and colors of nature. My work is a blissful, meditative escape for me, and I love painting the hills, trees, beaches, and mountains of this part of the world. I’m a father, husband, and lifelong resident of Salem, Oregon. I’ve been creating art since childhood and I’m always hungry for some form of creative expression. In my early life, I experimented with many materials and media, with a special interest in drawings, using smooth black graphite on paper, and exploring shape and color in silk-screened prints. In the 90s, I worked for several years with Salem-based potter, Dan Turnage, producing hand-built ceramic items and selling them at local art festivals and the Portland Saturday Market. That experience led to a brief, but vibrant and enjoyable ceramics studio shared with friends. Currently, I paint from images sourced primarily around The Willamette Valley, the Oregon Coast, and the rest of the Pacific Northwest.

"Late Afternoon Daisies"
"Last of the Summer Daisies"
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