Genie Stewart

Over the years I have learned what captures me most in a culture moves through my senses, my mind and my hands, and emerges in the weaving. I become intrigued and lured by a shape, a texture, a concept or a color and I go after it to see where it takes me, where I can take it, and what it can become. My weaving studio nestles in the wine grape country of Oregon's Willamette Valley. It has three large windows overlooking an oak grove, a grain field, a vineyard and the yard of my old farm house. Within it are a medium sized loom and a woman passionate about color and fabric. Clothing has been my main focus. Primarily, the fabrics are cotton, silk and rayon working together. Although fabric is primarily woven in a plane, my visions of it are dimensional within the parameters of the human form. I’ve explored many techniques, colorways and garment designs. I am open, later, to revisiting them in a new light.
Genie's Studio
Woven Cape
Woven Wall Art
Woven Cowel
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