Ilsa Perse

Fiber Art
I have taken many classes and workshops across the United States, but consider myself to be a self-taught fiber artist. Whether making practical items or wall art, I try to imbue my pieces with an appreciation of ancient dyeing and sewing techniques found in cultures all over the world.
I work exclusively with natural dyes made from plants that I collect or grow myself. I have an appreciation for all manner of weeds; even the ‘pesky’ ones like Queen Anne’s Lace and Staghorn Sumac. As a drawing challenged person, I draw with lines made when I dye fabric using different shibori techniques, such as stitching, knotting, twisting and clamping material. Piecing and quilting fabric lets me draw without using a pencil or pen. Using dyes made from plants, in combination with shibori techniques, fills me with admiration for traditional cultures in which artisans take time to make functional articles beautiful.

Examples of Ilsa Perse's Artwork

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Wall Art "Blue Jay"


Hand-bound Marbled Fabric Notebook
Tote Bag