Jim Smith

Gouache, Opaque Watercolor
I have had no formal education in painting or drawing. I enjoy the process of “trial and error” in learning many different media. I turned to pen & ink drawing, as a diversion from the pressures of my career in law enforcement. I took on the challenges of the graphite medium, in trying to achieve the illusion of color, lights, and darks in only black and white. I now enjoy the detail I can achieve with opaque watercolors. I attended the University of Oregon. I then served in the U.S. Coast Guard and State and Federal Law enforcement for 33 years and am now retired. I began my art experience sketching architectural and sports subjects, and animal portraits. I ventured into Western art and participated in Western art shows. Since moving to McMinnville, I have been working in opaque watercolors, learning and expanding my subject matter as well as my mediums. I have received numerous awards and have been featured in various magazines and newspapers. I currently participate in the U.S. Coast Guard art program.
"Pouring Tea", Gouache
"Happy Hour", Gouache
"Retired", Gouache
"Paradise Island", Gouache
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