Joel Zak

Digital & Fine Art Photography

I am a native Oregonian, and since childhood I have “played in light” and its many infinite variations. I create images that express another way of ‘seeing’, and images that evoke the extraordinary beauty that surrounds us here in the Northwest. No matter where my travels have taken me, I am always compelled to return home, drawn inexorably by the stunning diversity of our landscape.

I have lived and worked in many areas of our country; the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland and Boise. The majority of my life’s pursuits have been spent in the technical world with photography always in the background. It was the unique combination of the aesthetic, blending with the technical that first lured me to the field. I work commercially but my digital and fine art photography is what I am best known for. I provide unique images for business, residences, websites, multimedia presentations and publications worldwide.

My style is unique. I seek out compositions that are strong, often bold and impactful with clean lines and simple themes. I marvel at the way an individual grain in a vast field of wheat can be photographed; “sculpted” wide, lavish, gold contours, changing a common field into something that expresses more than what it is.

Examples of Joel Zak's Artwork

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"Van Gogh Oak", Digital Art Photography

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"Century Farm", Digital Art Photograpy

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"Clear Lake Morning", Digital Art Photography

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Autumn Pathways 2 Digital Art Photography

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Lakeside Morning Digital Art Photography

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Columbia Gorge #2 Digital Art Photograph