Kristie Mooney

Watercolor Batik

I am inspired by my travels. I love nature and seeing what the world has to offer in colors, textures, and patterns. Every piece I create is unique. I enjoy working with all types of water media. When creating a batik on rice paper, I combine many colors and watch it mingle through the fibers of the paper. The wax is applied in layers and once I achieve the intensity of the color I’m looking for, the entire painting is covered in wax. I then carefully crinkle the wax and rice paper and run dyes through the cracks. I reside in Portland, Oregon, and have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Clothing Textiles and Fine Arts. I have taken water media workshops and classes with some of the greatest watercolorists influencing the media today, such as Lian Quan Zhen, and others. I belong to many art organizations such as Lake Oswego Area Artists and Painters Showcase of Portland. I have received several 1st and 2nd place awards and Honorable Mentions. I teach workshops throughout the Northwest.

"Venice Gondolier" Watercolor Batik 20x24

"Yellow Bird" Watercolor Batik 24x32

"Monets Garden" Watercolor Batik 16x20

"Into the Woods" Watercolor Batik 18x24

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