Leah Markowitz

Watercolor, Acylic, Mixed Media
I like bringing something into the world that is waiting just on the other side of the canvas. I must be receptive to what is needed as I work with this process of artistic birthing. When I begin to think I know what is next, sometimes it appears artificial.  Then I rely on my twenty years of painting experience in watercolor, acrylic and mixed media, to find the most effective expression.  I find collage useful in conveying the emerging image.
I spent the early years of my childhood in Taos, New Mexico. Having grown up in the light and architecture of the area, my love of the colors grew as my interest in painting grew. I was initially trained in watercolor but after ten years, found that painting in acrylic allowed me the freedom to use bright, sometimes outrageous, hues and to use the large shapes I crave. I like birds as an artistic motif, and they frequently populate my canvases.

"Planets", Acrylic

"Creaton of the Birds", Acrylic

"Earth", Acrylic

"Solar Boat II", Acrylic & Ink

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