Margaret Godfrey

Watercolor, Mixed Media and Pen & Ink Artist
I am a storyteller, a symbolic and conceptual artist. Each painting has a story behind it by means of an abundance of symbols, patterns, and decorative design. The connecting layers and flowing messages of the paintings very often form a series. My most recent work, often featuring birds, has been greatly influenced by the Holiday Farm Fire which burned down my home. I believe I envied the birds and their ability to escape an alarming situation through flight.  I live in the beautiful McKenzie Valley in Oregon. I am a self-educated artist with a background in education and counseling. I find an abundance of inspiration through my travels throughout the U.S. and abroad. I share my enthusiasm for art through teaching workshops and in my active membership in art associations. I am an award-winning member of the Watercolor Society and others. My paintings hang in private and public collections in the U.S., Honduras, Canada and Japan.
"River Tapestry #1"
"Before Columbus"
Watercolor Painting
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