Maria Winner

Fiber Art
I love being an artist and it is through an artist’s eyes that I view life. I wonder how I would visually relate what I see. What fibers might capture the texture? What colors will bring it to life? What stitches might reflect the design, movement, or shape? It is through fibers, stitch and humor that I find resolution.
I have a fine arts degree in graphic design with a minor in textiles from Portland State University. Following a career as a graphic artist and raising two children, I recently finished a 10 year program, modeled after the British Guilding system, in contemporary embroidery and design. I recently moved to Salem, Ore. In my fiber arts career, I have been published in books and magazines, including “Fiber Arts Now” Magazine and in “500 Felted Pieces”. My work has been in several exhibitions including a solo show. Honors I have received include "Best of Show" at the Chico Art Museum, in CA, and two "First Place" awards at Red Raven Gallery, Fiber Arts Show, Salem OR.

Examples of Maria Winner's Artwork

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Tyvek Flowers
"Octopus" Wall Art
Thread Painting - Wall Art

Thread Painting - Wall Art

Soft Sculpture - Illuminated Insect
Soft Sculptures - 3D Portraits