Marlene Eichner

Fabric Art
I am always challenging myself to use the most interesting fabric, embellishments and images to make purses, pillows, wall hangings & screens. I am always appliquéing or embroidering on anything I can lay my hands on, such as elegant, visually interesting or vintage fabrics or fibers. As with many fiber artists, I have been sewing since I was a teenager. My mother made my clothes and helped me in my home economics classes. After I graduated from college, my husband and I participated in the ‘60's scene and made jewelry for art and craft fairs throughout the West Coast. Then upon retiring after 27 years as an administrator in California State service, I realized how much I missed the creative life and resumed my life-long interest in sewing. I began experimenting, and have now been producing my fabric art for 15 years. I collaborate frequently with two other artists to incorporate our varying original art compositions that I then weave into my own fabric designs to create the finished products.
Custom Order - "Cabin in the Woods" 18" x 24"
Bouquet Fiber Art
Custom order - For The Newly Weds Fiber Wall Art
Mosaic style Fiber Art
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