Michele Rigert

My work is marked by bold, brilliant colors. I feel the colors calling to me.   Even my dry matte pieces are bold and bright. I work in a private studio with large windows which open into a quiet suburban yard. This space is filled with flowers and a wide variety of wild birds who flock to this tranquil setting.  I am an Oregon native and studied ceramics at Oregon College of Art & Craft. I am a founding member of the Oregon Potters Association. The Northwest with its Japanese Garden and the Chinese Garden reflects the close ties we have with the Orient. It’s natural to see the strong Asian influence in my work. Many years of drawing close-up views of the flowers and plants which abound in the Pacific Northwest has strongly influenced the shapes and lines found in my porcelain vessels. I create controlled ceramic shapes, which move forcefully into altered sculptured vessels. The line movement over the individual pieces flows as if a on a large canvas, which has taken on the unique porcelain form.
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