Nancy Kiltz

My basketry obsession began one summer vacation in Michigan, where I made my first basket. After growing up in Portland, Oregon and later attending Oregon State University, I took a teaching position in Germany with the Department of Defense Overseas Schools. I honed my basket skills for several years, selling my baskets at bazaars on military bases.  I retired to Portland in 2004. I then joined the Columbia Basin Basketry Guild and began taking workshops and attending retreats. In doing so, I expanded my experience and knowledge and was able to develop new creative styles. I now enjoy creating and selling a variety of basket styles. I use a variety of grasses, reeds, and barks to create my baskets. Natural materials include reed, cedar, ash, pine needles, and sea-grass. I incorporate additional design elements like driftwood, horns, and antlers and add wooden bases to make them sturdy.
Basket "Asymmetrical Elk"
Basket "Blue Tides"
Basket "Twill on Water Buffalo Horn"
Basket "Twill Bowl"
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