Paul Lockhart

Oil Pastels & Acrylics
My art portrays my interests and colorful style in architecture, landscapes, chickens, and the occasional portrait. I strive to create new perspectives of my surroundings.
I was born and raised in Salem, Oregon and always had an interest in art. I started by portraying my special interest in people, muscle cars and historic architecture using pen, ink and watercolors on paper.
After 4 years in the Navy, I moved to Portland in 1976. I retired from a 30-year landscaping career and started pursuing art seriously in 2014. I’ve had many opportunities in the art world: volunteering at elementary and middle schools in art classes; selling my art at farmers and art markets; and being part of various galleries and shows around the city. I currently use acrylics and oil pastels as my primary mediums.  Though much of my work takes place in my basement studio, I also work in plein-air.
I have received many awards and have been the featured artist in major art shows.  I have commissioned artwork in Portland area businesses and have formed a partnership with the Portland Puzzle Company.  
"Mcmenamins Kennedy School"
Oil Pastel, 22" x 28"
"Engine 17 Firehouse",
Oil pastel, 22" x 28"
"Jamison Square NikeTown Bikes"
Oil Pastel, 22" x 28"
"Lockhart Peninsula Park Volunteers"
Oil Pastel, 22" x 28"
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