Paul Szudzik

Exotic Wood Boxes

I view the world a bit differently than others, and spend most of my time in my shop working on my creations and computer programming. Both are a form of art that keeps me active. Wood, Metal and Light all work at my behest in creating my art. I was born in Buffalo NY, lived in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Kansas City, Raleigh, NC and Austin before settling for the last 14 years in Salem, Oregon. You will see in Currents Gallery my artistic wooden boxes created from recycled and exotic woods, with geometric and nature themes.  I have also specialized in travel photography, having visited hundreds of cities on 6 out of the 7 continents. Traveling the world has given me a unique viewpoint that influences my art. My art encompasses metal work as well as wood and photography, and I experiment with non-standard print medium, such as foil printing. I belong to several local artistic organizations, including Artists in Action, as well as the Salem Digital Photography Club. As a resident of West Salem, you may find him strolling the streets and highways looking for inspiration in what most people ignore.

Wood Box, "Cats & Cats"
Wood Box, "Victorian Stained Glass"
Wood Box, "Three Hearts & a Magnolia"
Wood Box, "Stained Glass"
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