Phyllice Bradner

Oils, Acrylics, Painting on Silk, and Printmaking
My greatest joy is creating art that makes people smile. My bright acrylic and oil paintings, block prints, etchings and hand-painted silk scarves feature my favorite subjects: whimsical cats, dogs, ravens and frogs in leading or supporting roles. I grew up in Los Angeles and lived in Alaska for 39 years. During my time in the northernmost state, I was an award-winning graphic designer, writer and former antique shop owner. I ran my own graphic arts consulting business for 17 years and produced informational pieces for many major corporations and government agencies. I was also a political print consultant for many statewide campaigns including four gubernatorial races and five candidates for U.S. Senate.  I moved to McMinnville, Oregon in 2005. I am an accomplished fine artist whose whimsical cat and dog etchings, paintings and hand painted scarves reflect my sense of humor and unique vision of the world around me. My work has appeared in galleries in Alaska and Oregon.
Acrylic Painting
Original Wood Block Print
"Crow's Nest"
Mixed Media - "
Etching - "Two Cool Cats"
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