Phyllis Meyer

Abstract and Impressionist Paintings
I am a creative and original artist, spontaneous, intuitive, and open to new techniques. My abstract birds and landscapes, are painted with intense colors and unusual perspectives. My mother was a well-known California artist. I have had a lifelong interest in art. I began my art career in 1994 after I retired from the California State University Chancellor’s Office. I studied for five years with Chris Keylock Williams. My work ranges from abstract to impressionistic, with an emphasis on intense color, abstract shapes and the use of calligraphic line. I work in watercolor, acrylic and mixed aqueous media. I frequently paint papers for use in collage. I embed scraps of one color in gloss medium, then peel off the created paper to use in the collage. I have exhibited in numerous juried, solo and group shows locally, regionally and nationally.
Painting "Swingtime"
Painting "High Tech Girl"
 Painting "Talisman IV"
Painting "Under the Big Top"
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