Rinee Merritt

There is always more artistic inspiration to find in our world than I can possibly find time to work with. There is always a new idea that needs to be artfully investigated. My previous life as a horticulturist, and my current work as a graphic designer, feed my art investigations, and the art feeds my graphic design. It is circular and good. I frequently include the language of graphic design, horticulture and science to focus the communication and messaging in my art. It is found in my kiln-formed glass, my use of glass silk-screening, and glass casting. I use light and color to direct my studies in texture, shape, and species. My glasswork has been included in numerous shows. This is the circle of my life.
Glass Lamp Sculpture, "Planet VII in Yellow"
Glass Sculpture , "Fish & Sea Creatures"
Glass Paper Weight Sculpture, "Pyramid"
Glass Sculpture, Tea bag holders
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