Sharon Cook

Abstracts - Oil & Cold Wax

Painting for me comes close to ecstasy. Oil and cold wax are the perfect medium for me to use my intuition with layers of color, texture and shape. I feel the paintings “emerge” from the cradled birch panels, forming the matrix on which I work.

I was raised in a farm community in Northern California, far from the art world. But I will never forget finger painting in kindergarten and how it made me feel. I did not understand it then, but I discovered I was meant to be an artist. It felt natural.

When I retired from my position as flight attendant for Alaska Airlines in 2014, I began the pursuit of my dream: painting every day. My journey has included working with acrylics, watercolor, collage, as well as with oil and cold wax. I use palette knives, squeeges, and my hands to summon the images and spend my days conjuring up striking works of abstract expressionism in oil and cold wax.

Examples of Sharon Cook's Artwork

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"Doors & Windows", Oil & Cold Wax

"To Market", Oil & Cold Wax

"Softscape", Oil & Cold Wax

"The Irishman", Paper Collage