Sharon Cook

Abstracts - Oil & Cold Wax - Acrylics - Collage.

Painting is an adventure. This is a time in my life when I can express my feelings through art. I am an intuitive painter, and let my work speak to me as I see it evolve on canvas, wood panel, and paper. I encourage everyone to find the artist within!

I was raised in a farm community in Northern California, far from the art world. But I will never forget finger painting in Kindergarten and how it made me feel. I did not understand it then, but I discovered I was meant to be an artist. It felt natural. Even today, I sometimes put down my brush or palette knife and paint with my hands.

When I retired from my position as flight attendant for Alaska Airlines in 2014, I began the pursuit of my dream: painting every day. I paint with acrylics and mixed media, as well as with cold wax and oil. I love textures and building layers of paint and paper. Another medium I'm exploring is collage; “painting” with bits of paper I tear and paste onto wood panels or heavy watercolor paper. Since I love the beauty of birds and the compassion of dogs, they are the subjects of my recent collage work.  I have won "Best in Show" in 2017 at Artists' Studio Association in Lincoln City, Or., and took Second Place in 2019 at the "Something Red Show" for the Artists in Action in Salem. I teach college at the Artists' Studio Association and Currents Gallery's Back Door Studio.

Examples of Sharon Cook's Artwork

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"The Frenchman", Paper Collage

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"To Market", Oil & Cold Wax

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"Softscape", Oil & Cold Wax

"The Irishman", Paper Collage