Sharon Cook

Abstracts - Oil & Cold Wax

Painting for me comes close to ecstasy. Oil and cold wax are the perfect medium for me to use my intuition with layers of color, texture and shape. I feel the paintings “emerge” from the cradled birch panels, forming the matrix on which I work. I was raised in a farm community in Northern California, far from the art world. But I will never forget finger painting in kindergarten and how it made me feel. I did not understand it then, but I discovered I was meant to be an artist. It felt natural. When I retired from my position as flight attendant for Alaska Airlines in 2014, I began the pursuit of my dream: painting every day. My journey has included working with acrylics, watercolor, collage, as well as with oil and cold wax. I use palette knives, squeeges, and my hands to summon the images and spend my days conjuring up striking works of abstract expressionism in oil and cold wax.
"Doors & Windows", Oil & Cold Wax
"To Market", Oil & Cold Wax
"Softscape", Oil & Cold Wax
"The Irishman", Paper Collage
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