Victor Guschov

Acrylic Blending, Impressionism & Tonalism in Paintings and Wall Plaques
It's hard to imagine trading my life for one with fewer twists and more security. The memories I have in a two-dollar room on Bourbon Street; working at a fast-food dive on Sunset Strip and walking home in the dark to a seedy apartment; crouching under bridges next to wild rivers to stay dry while painting in the rain; watching snow pile up on my palette…..all turned into paintings.
I was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts in 1950. I began to paint seriously when I was fourteen, working in oils and watercolors. I graduated from Worcester Academy in 1969 and went on to Montserrat School of Visual Arts and the Art Students League of New York. Impatient with academics, I dropped out of school and began the life of a starving artist. My early paintings reflected the influences of Winslow Homer and the Rockport School. I then became strongly attracted to the work of the Impressionists. In 1977, I settled in Oregon, becoming established as a landscape and seascape artist. I currently work in acrylics and my home in Salem is also my studio.
Acrylic Painting
Acrylic Painting
Copper Plaque on black background
Copper Plaque on white background
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